Data Services


At Telekinetix we recognise that a database system is of little value without the data it holds. Obtaining initial lists and maintaining them is an on-going challenge for any business.


Data Services

Whether cleaning and updating an existing list, or aquiring a new one, we will work with you to gain the maximum return in your investment in data.

To help our customers we provide a range of services aimed at the business to business marketplace to make your data management tasks easier.

List Provision

Our list partner can source lists from their business to business database which currently holds in excess of 2 Million UK businesses. All lists are TPS/CTPS checked and where not supressed the telephone number and a contact is provided.


Since the imposition of large penalties for making unsolicited sales calls to companies (£5,000 fines) the importance of ensuring that your lists are checked prior to making calls is essential. Our service will allow you to ensure that you stay on the right side of the legislation and avoid the penalties.

N.B. Our systems are built with this in mind and incorporate the ability to batch process records for TPS/CTPS checking.

Telephone Number Lookups

If you have a mailing list and need to make phone calls, our telephone number lookup process can assist you. Any numbers found will also be checked against the TPS/CTPS registers to ensure that they are OK to call.

Data Capture Services

We can offer small scale data capture services at reasonable rates. This can be either simple data entry or we can employ "punch and verify" techniques to capture the data twice and then compare and rectify variances.